The treatment for a person suffering from narcissistic personality disorder

It has been understood that therapy does not work with a person suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. It is also fairly clear that intervention via drugs does not work. So the question: Is there a treatment for narcissistic personality disorder?

In my opinion there is a treatment.

Let us assume that a npd sufferer is behaving like a child grown old. Some might refer to a narcissist to a person who has grown up physically, but not mentally.

If this is the case, a narcissist is someone who has little knowledge and pretends to have knowledge. How do you want to address such a situation?

Again in my opinion that is simple. Narcissists need to be taught and go through strict tests. They need to be tested for communication skills, and they need to learn. Every time, a narcissist fails a test, (s)he has to redo it.

Narcissists also have to go through other educational programmes because they basically do not have any particular skills (other than manipulation, information taking from TV and endlessly lying). They are people who are unable to deal with any issue. That's why they escape into Freudian psychology.

Freud was a fraud and so are his followers. Nietzsche is a fraud and so are his followers. Yes they had incestuous relationships with mothers and sisters and possibly with some male relatives. To call them scum might be inappropriate because scum generally is a by-product of something positive.

Narcissists have to go from test to test. They might not cope. However if they cope they are grown-up people who can contribute to society in a positive and self-full filing fashion.

Dr. Ludger Hofmann-Engl


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