Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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A note on Post Traumatic Stress and my opinion on how to treat it effectively

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  • Lucy (experienced a narcissist at work)
  • Douglas (experienced a narcissistic wife, brother and mother in law)

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  • NPD Families and many Links to other sites
  • On Co-Narcissism by A. Rapport
  • On Sam Vaknin
  • Some remarks on how to create a successful relationship
  • The "Don'ts" towards a successful relationship
  • Abuse in normal Relationships
  • Cognitive Abuse
  • Beware:

    Please note that the Internet is an excellent source of information (Not to say, that much of it is not quite right. Up to date (12.08.08), the search engines seem to have become more stable and it makes sense to use all three. This is: google, yahoo and msn. However, google seems to be superior by far to all others, and is useless at this point in time).

    The Internet has become crime spot number one. Quite sad to say this, but this is because there are no controls. Anybody can do whatever (s)he wants by the click of a finger (button this is). It was first a military place and then scientific, now it is just sad. I saw it grow from day two, when it became scientific and I was quite excited. This excitement has ceased to exist. I have seen things out there they just make you throw up. In terms of npd; there is particularly one fraudulent individual out there and this is Sam Vaknin, however he is not the only one. When you are in a crisis, you do not really want to tell family and friends and you turn to the Internet. Well, this is the place you should not be if you are in trouble. Seek real help. Don't feed the ego of some deranged individual.

    I have not investigated other fraudsters, but I know that Mr Sam Vaknin (with an unverifiable PhD) is a convicted Israeli criminal. That's something which I know for sure because I read it in the Jerusalem Post. Although some of his material is correct to semi-correct by now, his main goal is still one thing:

    You buying his book!

    Every link he leaves somewhere like a bait leads eventually to him telling you to buy his misogynistic and pseudo-scientific book.

    However, if you want to know for yourself how sick this individual is, you might wish to read his own shit at:

    Back to the issue; there are others out there too and there are many. For them it is easy money and to them you are a laugh a minute because you bring in the money.

     If you seek help use local support groups, get engaged with non-fundamentalist activity groups and rebuild your life - even therapists can be quite dangerous - unless (s)he is a nice person. Remember, abusers are attracted to vulnerable people. If you are vulnerable, your therapist too might just have a laugh. Use your instinct and common sense and you can find your way. Don't use chat rooms because you do not know who you are talking to.

    Remember, the best way of killing someone is when you tell them that you love them because all her/his defenses go down.

    In my personal opinion, chat rooms ought to be illegal. This is, the vast majority of them are moderated by serious abusuers. I'd rather have a gun put to my head than a chat room put onto my computer. The same is pretty much true for blog and social networking sites which are a waste of time at best.

    Finally, yes, child abuse is a big thing out there, but the abuse of vulnerable adults is quite big too. It's all very well to have happy children, but what is the point of it if we allow for them to become unhappy and abused adults.

    In some weird sense The Matrix has become a reality for some who - by now - maintain their bodies only in order to live a virtual life online until someone unplucks them. For you as a victim, this means exchanging one manipulator by another.

    If you are here because you have been abused, read what you can and find someone real to talk to about it.

    The Jungle is out there and if you are online you are in it.