Weapons within domestic violence settings

An object used with the intention to physically harm, disable or murder a victim is generally referred to as a weapon. Only in extreme situations will the perpetrator make open use of weapons. In most cases, we will find that a disguised object is the preferred tool of the perpetrator. At times, the perpetrator harms her/himself claiming to the authorities that the victim inflicted this harm. However, inconsistency and emotional instability are a give away if such an occasion should occur.

The typical arsenal of weaponry is the following one:

  • guns
  • knives
  • scissors
  • screw drivers
  • broken glass
  • cigarettes
  • pots
  • vases
  • hand sets
  • teeth
  • finger nails
  • feet and hands
  • rotten food in disguise
  • drugs
  • The perpetrator will test the victim and the situation before lunching an attack. A successful attack will increase the probability for the perpetrator to become arrogant and delusional and hence to manufacture a situation where the crime will be detected.

    Dr. Ludger Hofmann-Engl


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