The Mussorgsky Family Project

L. Hofmann-Engl

Croydon Family Groups
In Proceedings of MERYC 2009 at the Universita di Bologna, Italy

Abstract - January 2009

The Mussorgsky Family Project was designed to bridge the gap between classical music and the general population. Over a period of 6 months 7 family groups (families with children under the age of 5) took part in this project which involved making a musical collage, partial improvisation on keyboards, glockenspiels and percussion instruments alongside Mussorgsky's Pictures At An Exhibition, attending a drum workshop in a recording studio, a life performance with recording, making a sculpture and attending a professional concert in central London. The evaluation of the project shows that this approach based on informal family learning has produced a very encouraging outcome. It also demonstrates that even very young children can take part in means-end collaborative music making.

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