Publications - Ludger Hofmann-Engl, 2017

(excluding some minor articles/papers in M 65+n - a graduate student publication of graduate students of music science form TU and Freie Universität Berlin)

Hofmann-Engl,L. (1988). Ligetis Passacaglia ungherese - eine Analyse. In: M 65, Berlin
(Ligeti's Passacaglia ungherese - an analysis)

Hofmann-Engl,L. (1989). Grundzüge der Interval-Algebra. In: M 65+1, Berlin
(elements of the Interval-Algebra)

Hofmann-Engl,L. (1989). Beiträge zur theoretischen Musikwissenschaft. M 65+3, Berlin
(contributions to theoretical music science)

Hofmann-Engl, L. & Parncutt, R. (1998). Computational modeling of melodic similarity judgments - Two Experiments on Isochronous Melodic Fragments. Chameleongroup - online publication

Hofmann-Engl, L. (1999). Virtual Pitch and pitch salience. In: Proceedings of the VI Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music at PUC Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hofmann-Engl, L. (1999). Review of Melodic Similarity: Concepts, Procedures, and Applications in Music. (W. B. Hewlett & E. Selfridge-Field, eds.) Music Theory Online vol.5.4

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2001). Toward a cognitive similarity model. In: Proceedings of ISMIR 2001, Bloomington University, Indiana, USA

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2002). Rhythmic Similarity. A theoretical and empirical approach. In: Proceedings ICMPC 2002, Sydney, Australia

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2002). Melodic Similarity - a conceptual framework. In: Proceedings of 2nd International Conference - Understanding and creating Music -, Seconda Universita degli Studi di Napoli, Italy

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2003). Melodic Similarity and Transformations: A theoretical and empirical approach. PhD thesis, Keele University, UK, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2009

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2003). Atomic Notation and Melodic Similarity. In: Proceedings of Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval 2003, Montpelier, France

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2004). Virtual pitch and its application to contemporary harmony analysis. Chameleongroup - online publication

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2004). Melodic Similarity - Providing a Cognitive Groundwork. Chameleongroup - online publication

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2005). An Evaluation of melodic similarity models. Chameleongroup - online publication

Hofmann-Engl, L (2006). A probabilistic model on child abuse. Chameleongroup - online publication

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2006). A comparison between the temporal and pattern approach to virtual pitch applied to the root detection of chords. In: Proceedings of ICMPC 9, Bologna, Italy

Hofmann-Engl, L (2006). Peer reviewing - making the process democratic, open and fair. Post-Proceedings: International Electronic Symposium on Knowledge Communication and Peer Reviewing: e-KCPR 2006

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2006). The Role of the Composer in the Contemporary Society. During: XV Symposium of Contemporary Music, Universidad National de Rosario, Argentina

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2008) - The Tristan chord in context. Chameleongroup - online publication

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2008) - Virtual Pitch and the Classification of Chords in Minor and Major Keys. In: Proceedings of ICMPC 10, Sapporo, Japan

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2008) - The Implementation of chronotonic similarity within an applet. In: Proceedings of Axmedis 2008, Florence, Italy

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2009) - The Mussorgsky Family Project. In: Proceedings of MERYC 2009, Universita di Bologna, Italy

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2009) - Music and Mathematics - Part 1 for Musopen

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2010) - Consonance/Dissonance - A historical Perspective. In: Proceedings of ICMPC 2010, Seattle, USA

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2011) - Music talks to all Poster presentation during MERYC 2011, Helsinki, Finland

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2012) - Towards a cognitive music aesthetics. Presentation during ICMPC 2012, Thessaloniki, Greece

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2012) - Pädagogische Projekte – Missionierung oder Alibiaktivitäten? Presentation during Neue Music - Heute? 2012, Vienna, Austria

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2015). Review of The Geometry of Musical Rhythm - what makes a "Good" Rhythm Good. (Godfried T. Toussaint)

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2016). Psychiatary in Dimensions. Chameleongroup - online publication

Hofmann-Engl, L. (2017) - 3 Sketches (Hofmann-Engl) - An Analysis. Chameleongroup - online publication

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