Réseau Résonnant

Two simultaneous concerts on Sunday October the 10th 1999

New York: 3 p.m. at the Greenwhich House

(46 Barrow Str.)

London: 8 p.m. at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art)

(The Mall)


Both event were webcasted at: 7 p.m (GMT).

View the video of the London webcast following:
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The video will require the RealPlayer which can be downloaded FREE from:

The recording of the London event can be viewed


(note, the first 5 minutes are without sound due to a human error).

The New York event was webcasted using Destiny Radio. For more information on Destiny Radio go to

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Works performed by:

Tom Cipullo:

Water Lilies (piano)

John Link:

Music for Solo Clarinet (clarinet)

Giles Easterbrook:

Warwick Light (soprano, clarinet, cello, piano)

Peter Anthony Monk:

Railway Parade (clarinet, piano)

Ludger Hofmann-Engl:

Psalm 30 (soprano, clarinet, cello)

Ben Yarmolinsky:

Ballpark Variations (clarinet, cello, piano)


  • London:

       Lesley-Jane Rogers (soprano) in collaboration with Fibonacci Sequence (Kathron Sturrock, artistic director)

  • New York:

       Marcella Calabi(soprano), Evan Spritzer (clarinet), Michael Finckel (violoncello), Jai Jeffryes (piano)

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  • L. Hofmann-Engl
  • J. Link

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